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2016 - 2017 Tournament Results

University of California, Berkeley: AAMTI III (11/7 - 11/8)

Thank you to everyone who competed at our Third Annual Average American Mock Trial Invitational! Our two teams had a fantastic time hitting great schools from around the country. One of our Cal team's placed second, with a record of 7-1 and we won 4 individual awards. Shoutout to...

Smita Balaji, Outstanding Attorney with 18/20 ranks

Edie Sussman, Outstanding Witness with 18/20 ranks

Rachel Thomasson, Outstanding Witness 19/20 ranks

Justin Tsung, Outstanding Witness with 18/20 ranks

University of Georgia: Classic City Invitational (10/22 - 10/23)

The Golden Bears had the great opportunity to travel to Atlanta this year to attend the Classic City Invitational! Both teams enjoyed competing down south and finished with records of 5-3 and 4-4. Special congratulations to... 

Sander Lutz, Outstanding Witness with 17/20 ranks, his first award as a witness!

University of Oregon: David Frohnmayer Invitational (11/12-11/13)

The Berkeley Bears have done it again! Our team traveled to beautiful Eugene, Oregon to compete in the David Frohnmayer Invitational. Thanks to the Oregon Ducks for hosting a great tournament! Cal took 1st place with a record of 6-1-1. But the victories don't stop there - we also brought home an individual award. Shoutout to...

Marie Weisfeiler, Outstanding Witness with 19/20 ranks

University of Virginia: GAMTI XIII (11/12-11/13)

Our team had a blast competing at the 13th annual Great American Mock Trial Invitational in Washington, D.C.! In between visiting the Lincoln Memorial and exploring our nation's capital, we enjoyed competing against some of the most prestigious teams in the country, earning a record of 7-5-0.

University of Arizona: Gunslinger Invitational (1/14-1/15)

We sent one Berkeley team to the 2nd Annual Gunslinger Invitational in Tuscon, Arizona, and the Golden Bears had a blast! The entire team is immensely proud of this group of almost entirely freshman competitors for earning a record of 3-8-1 after hitting some of the best teams in the nation. Special thanks to alumnus Nick Cotter for traveling with the team and helping out!

University of California, Santa Barbara: Mocktopia Invitational (1/22-1/23)

Two Berkeley teams braved the rain and competed at UC Santa Barbara's Mocktopia Invitational this past weekend. Congratulations to our C team for taking 3rd place and B team for winning the whole tournament! This tournament was one of Berkeley's most successful yet, with a whopping 6 individual awards accompanying our 1st and 3rd place wins. Shoutout to...

Natalie Bayer, Outstanding Attorney with 9/10 ranks
Kevin Gu, Outstanding Attorney with 9/10 ranks

Camilah Hamideh, Outstanding Witness with 10/10 ranks
Fatima Hasanain, Outstanding Attorney with 9/10 ranks

Jenny Jang, Outstanding Attorney with 9/10 ranks

Indu Pereira, Outstanding Attorney with 10/10 ranks

New York University/Empire Mock Trial: The Downtown XI (1/22 - 1/23)

Team 662 competed in the Big Apple this weekend at 11th Annual Downtown Invitational. The Golden Bears had so much fun competing against old friends and new ones, finishing with a 7-12-1 record and 1 individual award. Congratulations to...

Edie Sussman, Outstanding Witness with 39/50 ranks

University of California, Berkeley: atypiCAL Invitational (1/28-1/29)

The Golden Bears competed in their home territory this weekend at the atypiCAL Invitational. Special thanks to all the competitors, judges, and coaches who helped make this tournament such a success! Our two teams earned 1st place and 5th places, with records of 8-0 and 4-3-1, respectively. But the victories don't end there! We also received 5 individual awards. Give it up for...

Olivia Aulicino, Outstanding Witness with 15/20 ranks

Key'Toya Burrell, Outstanding Witness on both sides with 18/20 and 17/20 ranks

Fatima Hasanain, Outstanding Attorney with 15/20 ranks

Sander Lutz, Outstanding Attorney on both sides with 17/20 and 15/20 ranks

Devin Montgomery, Outstanding Attorney with 18/20 ranks

University of Washington: Seattle Regional Tournament (2/11-2/12)

UC Berkeley qualified 2 teams to the Fresno Opening Round Championship Series at the Seattle Regionals! Our B team won 2nd place with a record of 6-1-1 and our C team earned 4th place with a record of 6-2-0. As if that weren't enough, Berkeley was awarded the Spirit of AMTA and received 4 individual awards! Shoutout to...

Catie Fan, All-Region Witness with 16/20 ranks

Kevin Gu, All-Region Attorney with 17/20 ranks

Camilah Hamideh, All-Region Witness with 16/20 ranks

Devin Montogmery, All-Region Attorney with 17/20 ranks

Arizona State University: Tempe Regional Tournament (2/18-2/19)

Two Cal Mock Trial teams competed in Tempe, Arizona this weekend and earned yet another bid to the the Fresno Opening Round Championship Series. Our teams earned 1st place with a record of 7-1-0 and Honorable Mention with a record of 5-3-0! As a testament to Berkeley's sportsmanship, we were also awarded the Spirit of AMTA trophy in addition to 2 individual awards. Special congratulations to...

Fisher Johnson, All-Region Attorney with 18/20 ranks

Alec Willerman, All-Region Witness with 17/20 ranks

Fresno State University: Fresno ORCS Tournament (3/23-3/26)

Berkeley sent 2 teams to this year's Fresno ORCS and earned a bid to the National Championship Tournament in Los Angeles this April! Our two teams earned astonishing records of 7-1-0 and 5-3-0 at this extremely competitive tournament. As always, our team had a great time competing in Fresno and we can't wait to come back next year! Shoutout to...

Key'Toya Burrell, All-National Witness with 18/20 ranks

Justin Tsung, All-National Witness with 17/20 ranks

University of California, Los Angeles: National Championship Tournament (4/21 - 4/23)

In our final tournament of the year, the Golden Bears competed at the National Tournament, earning Honorable Mention with 6.5 wins! We enjoyed being in sunny Los Angeles and competing against our friends at UC Davis, Yale University, Rhodes College, and Duke University. What a wonderful way to wrap up the 2016 - 2017 season!