2017-2018 Season


National Championship (4/20-4/22)

We wrapped up our season at the National Tournament, where Berkeley earned a record of 5-7-0 in the St. Paul Division. Our students enjoyed competing in trials against University of Minnesota, University of Michigan, Princeton University, and New York University. Thank you to Hamline University for hosting an incredible tournament - we’ll see you all next year!

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Memphis ORCS (3/23 - 3/25)

Berkeley is going to Nationals! With a record of 6-1-1, A team won 2nd in the tournament and a bid to the Minneapolis National Championship Tournament. A Team also won the Spirit of AMTA award and B Team earned a record of 4-4! We had an impressive 4 individual awards winners. Congrats to...

Jenny Jang, All-National Attorney with 16/20 ranks
Smita Balaji, All-National Attorney with 17/20 ranks
Gurbir Singh, All-National Witness with 17/20 ranks
Key'Toya Burrell, All-National Witness with 19/20 rank

Thanks to Rhodes College for hosting a wonderful tournament!


Seattle Regionals (2/10 - 2/11)

2 bids to ORCS as the Golden Bears win it all! Berkeley A and C Blue won 1st and 2nd place, respectively at the Seattle Regional Tournament, one of our favorite tournament venues! A team swept the tournament with a record of 8-0 and C Blue earned a record of 6-1-1. On top of all that, A Team won Honorable Mention for the Spirit of AMTA, recognizing our true sportsmanship in mock trial. And don't forget about our individual award winners! Give it up for...

Key'Toya Burrell, All-Regional Witness with 17/20 ranks
Key'Toya Burrell, All-Regional Attorney with 19/20 ranks
Smita Balaji, All-Regional Attorney with 19/20 ranks

Thanks to the University of Washington for a great experience!


Fresno Regionals (2/10 - 2/11)

Berkeley B and C Gold teams competed at the Regional Tournament in Fresno, California this past weekend. Both teams had a great time and received honorable mentions, each with records of 5-3-0! We also had 4 individual award winners! Shoutout to...

Pablo Moraga, All-Regional Witness with 16/20 ranks
Charlotte Laurence, All-Regional Witness with 17/20 ranks
Catie Fan, All-Regional Witness with 18/20 ranks
Alec Willerman, All-Regional Attorney with 18/20 ranks

Thank you to Fresno State University for a great tournament!


Mocktopia Invitational (1/20 - 1/21)

3 Berkeley teams competed in sunny Santa Barbara this weekend at the 2nd Annual Mocktopia Invitational, hosted by our good friends at UCSB. In between delicious tacos, unforgettable ice cream, and beautiful oceanside views, our teams went 6-2, 4-4, and 4-4, and we brought home 4 individual awards! Congrats to...

Jennifer Jones, Outstanding Witness with 9/10 ranks
Sritej Attaluri, Outstanding Attorney with 9/10 ranks
Jenny Jang, Outstanding Attorney with 10/10 ranks
Fatima Hasanain, Outstanding Attorney with 10/10 ranks

Thank you to UCSB for another beautiful Mocktopia!


The Downtown XII (1/20 - 1/21)

Give it up for UC Berkeley A Team! These amazing students traveled all the way to New York City to compete in the prestigious Downtown Tournament and earned 7th place with 12.5 wins. We couldn't be more proud of this tremendous achievement and can't wait to see what else A team will accomplish this year.

Thank you to New York University and Empire Mock Trial for a fabulous experience! We were honored to compete.


UCLASSIC (1/13 - 1/1)

The Golden Bears have done it again! UC Berkeley A team won 1st place with a whopping record of 7-0-1 at the UCLASSIC Invitational, the most competitive spring invitational on the West Coast. B team earned a record of 5-3 and enjoyed hitting some amazing teams, like NYU. We can't wait to keep this momentum going for our entire program throughout the rest of the season!


GAMTI XIV (11/11 - 11/12)

This year, UC Berkeley sent a team to the 14th annual Great American Mock Trial Invitational - the most competitive fall invitational in the country! As usual, we had a fantastic time in Washington, D.C. and earned a record of 6-6-0 and one individual award. Here's a special shoutout to...

Rohan Nijhawan, Outstanding Attorney with 25/30 ranks

Enormous thanks to University of Virginia for another incredible tournament!

23331169_1879114658769371_2406481988858599680_o (1).jpg

AAMTI IV (11/4 - 11/5)

This weekend, we hosted our 4th annual Average American Mock Trial Invitational. Thank you to everyone who attended - we hope your weekend was exceedingly average! Our two Cal teams earned 5th and 8th places, with records of 6-2 and 5-3 respectively. Go Bears! Special congratulations to...

Justin Tsung, Outstanding Witness with 16/20 ranks
Jenny Jang, Outstanding Attorney with 20/20 ranks

Thank you to our program for helping to run our 4th fall invitational!


Dog Pound (10/28-10/29)

The 2017 - 2018 season has begun! We kicked off this year at one of our old favorites, the Dog Pound Invitational. As usual, our teams did amazingly! One of Cal's teams won the whole tournament with a record of 6-1-1, and our second team earned 6th place with a record of 5-3. Special shoutout to Key'Toya Burrell, who won not one, but TWO individual awards. This was Key'Toya's first time competing as an attorney and we could not be more proud of her achievements.

Key'Toya Burrell, Outstanding Witness with 17/20 ranks
Key'Toya Burrell, Outstanding Attorney with 18/20 ranks

Thank you to Fresno State University for a great start to the season!