Cal Mock Trial is excited to be hosting the atypiCAL Invitational on the weekend of January 25-26, 2020 at the UC Berkeley campus! atypiCAL was created to prepare the best teams from around the nation for the spring competitive season.

We are immensely proud to say that our invitationals have been growing both in field size and strength every year - we look forward to making this year's event even more competitive and fun for everyone! Check out the tournament history below.

Past Winners
2017: UC Berkeley
2016: UC Davis
2015: Gonzaga University
2014: Southern Methodist Univ.
2013: UC Berkeley
2012: UC Irvine

Past Themes: 
2017: atypiCAL
2016: Sydney Park Memorial
2015: Winston Thomas Memorial
2014: Lee Allen Memorial
2013: Vanessa Sullivan Memorial
2012: Joe Davis Memorial

Past Tab Summaries

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