Mock Trial is a team-based speech competition that combines elements of law, speech, debate, and theatre. As a simulation of trial advocacy, Mock Trial also includes simulations of courtroom procedure and technique that reflect a real trial.

The American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) governs mock trial competitions at the collegiate level. Over 300 schools nationwide compete each year, trying a single case released by AMTA with the goal of winning the AMTA National Championship Tournament, held each April.

Mock Trial at the collegiate level is a team competition - teams are typically formed of six to eight members, with three attorneys and three witnesses actively competing in each trial. Over the course of one round of competition, each team delivers an opening and closing statement, calls witnesses to testify, and cross-examines opposing witnesses.  

About Cal Mock Trial

Cal Mock Trial is UC Berkeley’s Official Mock Trial Team. Since its founding in 1999, Cal Mock Trial has been a nationally ranked program and has consistently competed at the top levels of collegiate mock trial.

As part of its competitive season, Cal Mock Trial regularly travels across the country to compete in tournaments. Recent years have seen the Golden Bears competing and winning trials at locations such as Washington D.C., New York City, Saint Louis, Miami, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Cal Mock Trial is a constant presence at the National Championship Tournament each year, often qualifying two separate teams and placing among the top ten programs in the nation.

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